Trafficking in Your Own Backyard

“Meanwhile Troy, our boy next door. He's elated. Not only did they have a great season his senior year, but do you know he just turned 18 and what his buddies did for him? They bought him a girl. Troy had not even heard of a strip club. He had no idea. But his buddies went all out. They bought him the VIP backroom treatment. Right of passage, man hood: CHECK. Troy and his friends have no idea that they are contributors to the dark world of sex trafficking.”

Education is the first step.

Selling Girls

"Americans care a lot about money. We talk about jobs and taxes and paychecks, but here's what we don't talk about- Right here in the United States, there is a thriving underground economy based on selling children for sex. If sex sells, then business is good."

Is Prostitution a Choice?

"Most of us today have heard stories of the millions of women and children forced into prostitution or human trafficking. We are aware and we are grieved. But what about those women in prostitution who weren't trafficked? Did those women willfully choose prostitution? And are they as empowered, independent, and sexually liberated as many would have us believe?"

The Fight Against Slavery

"The worst form of human rights violation, the third largest in organized crime, a 10 BILLION dollar industry, I'm talking to you about modern day slavery.” Sunitha Krishnan has dedicated her life to rescuing women and children from sex slavery, a multimillion-dollar global market. In this courageous talk, she tells three powerful stories, as well as her own, and calls for a more humane approach to helping these young victims rebuild their lives.


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